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Who is Midwest Wheel and Tire? {OEM Factory Wheel Supplier}

Posted on: October 16th, 2016 by Mike Figlak No Comments

Who is Midwest Wheel and Tire you may ask?  We are a family owned distributor of OEM Wheels, Tires, Center Caps and Tire Pressure Monitors.  We are located in Troy, MI, right near the automotive capitol of the world, The Motor City, Detroit, MI.

You’ll find numerous companies online that claim to be wheel experts when in fact the vast majority of them are simply brokers.  It’s just a guy in his mom’s basement that managed to get his hands on a parts database and voila, a wheel website is born.  Be careful dealing with these types of folks.  They aren’t even real companies, they simply take your money and then outsource fulfillment of your order to a real wheel company.  Conversely, Midwest Wheel & Tire takes pride in talking to our customers.  We are always available via phone, live chat or email.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime with questions, concerns or comments.  Our friendly staff is always ready to help and will do their best to make sure your experience is top notch.


Mike Wheel Sales at Midwest Wheel and Tire

Mike Figlak | Wheel and Tire Sales

Brenden Wheel sales at Midwest Wheel and Tire

Brendan Sevon | Wheel and Tire Sales
Alan is in charge of website development at Midwest wheel and Tire

Alan Jinkins | Website Development

Deb is in charge of accounting at Midwest wheel and tire

Debbie Sevon | Accounting

Russ is in charge of Warehouse opporations at midwest wheel and tire

Russ Beaudrie | Shipping and Receiving

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